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If you don't believe that On The Ball Fitness can change your lifestyle, listen to the words from our clients.

“I'm motivated to workout and hate to miss a session. (Chris) is conscientious and mindful of my personal challenges or injuries and will adjust the workout to my needs and ability level.”​
Fran Depew



“We never do the same thing over and over! (Steve) mixes it all up and always invents something new to keep you challenged. It feels so good to be 61 years young!”​
Dena Tierney




“Since a healthy life is forever and my body is my most valuable assest, I feel On The Ball Fitness has made  a major impact on my life and a difference in how I am now able to continue on this road of excellent health and fitness. I developed a new and improved nutiritonal way of eating, said 'See ya' to unhealthy pounds, and enjoy celebrating progress that does not include yo-yoing up and down."​
Winona Taylor

“I'm a mother of 2 in my forties and since I've started training with Steve he has completely transformed my body, almost back to how i looked in my 20's!"​
Diana Kim

“I am walking much better and my posture is better. (OTBF trainers) take a very personal interest in what you must do to improve. They encourage you to your best and they do it in a fun way."
Harry Minor

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